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Standard Band Reject/Notch Filters

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We have special variety of notch/bandstop filters which is designed and manufactured specially for ISM band.

These filters are for use in wireless broadband systems operating within the ISM band of (902-928) MHz and (2.4 – 2.483)GHz. These filters remove interference originating from services operating in nearby frequency bands (e.g. paging systems & cellular phone providers). The 902 -928 MHz filter is weatherized notch filter and designed specifically to eliminate interference caused by high-powered paging systems operating at 930 MHz. The 2.4 -2.483 GHz filter is designed to notch out the WLAN 802.11b spectrum. These filters have compact and sturdy designs which operates over a wide temperature range, making it ideal for installation in virtually any indoor or outdoor enclosed environment.

Specifications 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz 902MHz to 928MHz
Lower Passband: DC-2.350 GHz DC-882 MHz
Lower Passband Insertion Loss: <3dB, 1.5dB nominal <3dB, 1.5dB nominal
Lower Passband VSWR: <2:1 <2:1
Rejection: > 60dBc from 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz > 60dBc from 902MHz to 928MHz
Upper Passband: 2.5335GHz to 6GHz 948MHz to 2500MHz
Upper Passband Insertion Loss: <3dB, 1.5dB nominal <3dB, 1.5dB nominal
Impedance: 50 ohms 50 ohms
Connectors: SMA Female SMA Female
Mechanical dimensions(Polyurethane finish): 0.69" Hx1.25" Wx4.88"L approx 2.00" Hx1.13" Wx10.80"L approx

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